Chew on this!

Thank you for participating in the Chew On This! program. We hope it was a valuable experience for both you and your patrons.

As we continue to test and explore various options and styles for presenting museum outreach activities, we would be grateful for your feedback. Please take a few minutes to complete our online survey to provide us your thoughts about Chew On This!

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Were you pleased with the quality of the Chew On This! program and booklets? required
Were your patrons responsive to and engaged with the Chew On This! booklets? required
Did your staff have difficulty with upkeep of the Chew On This! booklets? required
Were there any major issues, problems, or concerns regarding hosting the Chew On This! booklets? required
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Would you be interested in other opportunities for partnership with the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre? required
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