November → December 2019

Initial public engagement

Online survey and pop-up engagement to measure impacts of short-term rentals on residents

February 24 2020

Report at City Council

Staff deliver initial report on short-term rentals, Council approves motion for development of zoning by-law amendments related to better regulating short-term rentals

September 16 → October 16 2020

Zoning by-law amendment online open house

Opportunity for the public to review proposed changes, including ability to ask questions and provide feedback

November 16 2020

Public meeting and Council consideration of zoning by-law amendments

A public meeting regarding the proposed changes at City Council, followed by Council consideration of the changes

December 2020

Staff development of licensing by-law and related enforcement

April 26 2021

Tabling of licensing by-law and enforcement

May 10 2021

Licensing by-law and enforcement public meeting and Council review

Council approval of Licensing By-law and AMPS

January 2022

Phased initiation of Zoning By-law Amendment, Licensing By-law and AMPS