What is an arena strategy?

    An arena strategy is a guide for the City in providing, developing and managing its ice pad inventory.

    Why does the City need an arena strategy?

    The City needs a road map for how best to invest public resources in order to meet the current and future needs of the community.

    What will the Arena Strategy propose?

    To develop the Arena Strategy, the City will study its arenas and usage, as well as at comparable municipalities and industry standards, and make recommendations that align to the Strategic Plan and the Recreation Facilities and Programming Master Plan.

    How will the City involve the community in the Arena Strategy?

    The City has contracted a consultant to help develop the Arena Strategy. The consultant will use the public feedback gathered from the community survey, through consultation with user groups; and the Recreation Master Plan Committee, as representatives of the public, will continue to be engaged as the strategy is developed. A public meeting will be scheduled this spring to present the preliminary findings and to obtain feedback from the public on the draft arena strategy before it is finalized and presented to City Council. City Council will be presented with the draft for approval and will consider and discuss the recommendations before moving ahead with the proposed options.

    How will the City fund the implementation of the Arena Strategy, once developed?

    Funds for arena maintenance, enhancements and developments will be identified in future capital budgets and in long range financial plans for City Council to consider. The City will also explore additional sources of funding, such as regional, provincial and federal grants and funding opportunities, as well as other types of partnerships.

    How does the development of an Arena Strategy support Council’s Strategic Plan?

    An Arena Strategy will support the following actions within Council’s Strategic Plan:

    ·  2.5, to optimize capital infrastructure, ensuring effective asset management and sustainable investment; and

    ·  4.1, Prioritize and implement recommendations from the Parks and Recreation Master Plan with a focus on balancing recreation services for all ages, demographics and abilities.