Application Process

    When are applications due?

    The registration period opens Sept. 14 and closes on Oct. 1. 

    Where can I get an application?

    Online applications are available and can be submitted through

    When will we know if we were selected?

    Notification of successful applications will be notified on or before Oct. 15.

    Do I have to have the entire form filled out? Or can I confirm who is part of the volunteer group once selected?

    The application must be complete. A total of five volunteers must provide their contact information, including the Principle Volunteer Contact.

    If a member of the volunteer group stops participating, can the rink remain open?

    Yes, however a replacement volunteer must take their place. Additionally, the new volunteer must provide their contact information to the Principle Volunteer Contact and the Community Outdoor Ice Rink Coordinator as soon as possible.


    Where can an ice rink be built?

    Volunteer groups are welcome to suggest their own location, with staff evaluating proposed locations based on the following criteria:

    • reasonably flat surface
    • sufficient lighting
    • adequate parking
    • access for emergency vehicles
    • located on City property

    Volunteer groups are responsible for providing their own water source for the community outdoor ice rink. 

    The City offers a grant up to $1,000 per rink to help cover costs.

    What size of ice rink can be built?

    Each outdoor ice rink location is allowed one rectangular boarded rink, as described in this document. The size of the outdoor ice rink is dependent upon the specific location. Below are the different outdoor ice rink sizes that may be applied to an outdoor ice rink location:

    - Small 24’ x 40’ = 960 sq. ft. allows for 20 skaters

    - Medium 32’ x 64’ = 2048 sq. ft. allows for 42 skaters

    - Large 40’ x 80’ = 3200 sq. ft. allows for 65 skaters

    - Extra Large 84’ x 48’ = 4032 sq. ft. allows for 82 skaters

    Alternate outdoor ice rink layouts will not be considered.

    Do we have to get a park permit?

    Yes, all community outdoor ice rink activities taking place on City property will require a City issued permit. Please note that the permit fee for the Community Outdoor Ice Rink Pilot Project will be waived.

    Can we sell food and drinks at the ice rink?

    No, those activities are prohibited at all outdoor ice rinks. Failure to comply will result in the revoked approval to build, operate, and maintain an outdoor ice rink on City property.

    Are boards and tarp allowed to be used?

    Yes, but the City will not provide or store those materials.

    Volunteer groups are responsible for acquiring and storing equipment and materials required to build, operate and maintain the outdoor ice rink, including boards, tarps, shovels, scrapers and water.

    Will / can the City store the materials we use throughout the season?

    No. At no time, will the City of St. Catharines store materials required to build, operate or maintain the outdoor ice rinks.

    When does the season end?

    The season begins on December 1, 2021 and ends on March 28, 2022.

    All materials used to build, operate, and maintain the ice rinks must be removed from the parks by March 31, 2021.