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Fred Bowering

by Malone,

There is a unique individual named Fred Bowering in St.catharines that goes out of his way to help the homeless by volunteering at the out of the cold and heat program along with other programs for the homeless but most importantly he has gone around the city for the past 4 years,every day, picking up discarded needles left in public parks and areas in the city.. He does this out of Compassion for the city and for the huge amount of addicted people that live in the city.He wants to make sure that they are safe for people to enjoy..He is also the official Firekeeper for missing and murdered and for those suffering from Mental Health issues..He also has rescued countless animals from suffering circumstances..He does so much for the city in so many ways without expecting anything in return..

I believe, along with hundreds of other people that he is instrumental in keeping the parks and public areas safe and has a compassion unlike any other person I know regarding those with addiction and Mental Health..

He should be recognized for his efforts even though he does all this for free and out of Compassion

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